IMC Business Symposium
Responsibility & Impact

This year’s IMC Business Symposium „Responsibilty and Impact“ serves as a forum to discuss research related to various fields. Participants and panelists are expected to share experiences but also demonstrate and discuss current research findings in areas like:

  • Workplace ethics
  • Diversity within organization, consumers and further stakeholders
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental issues
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable development of industries like tourism, manufacturing, services
  • Ethics in marketing and communications
  • Responsible product development
  • Sustainability issues in logistics and transport
  • Responsibility in Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and responsibility in finance and accounting
  • Responsible leadership and management

The symposium will consist of tracks with presentations of the papers. Authors may elect to publish their full papers in the IMC Business Notes Vol II.

PhD and Master students are invited to present their research ideas and concepts at the Research Idea Video Slam. With a unique format of an mixed online and presence conference you will be able to get valuable feedback on your ideas by presenting it in a video format and discuss online with participants.

Who? Panelists: Scholars, early career researchers, students and graduates

Audience: Scholars, professionals, students

Call for papers